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Animal Facility and Office of Laboratory Animal Care

Contact Information

135 Ken and Blaire Mossman Building/Mossman Animal Facility
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996

Phone:(865) 974-2801

The utilization of animals in teaching and research has long been recognized as   a valuable asset for providing and demonstrating informative scientific data in   the biological and medical fields. The University of Tennessee recognizes that   the use of labortatory animals in research, testing, and education is an   important privilege accompanied with a great ethical responsibility to ensure   the humane care and use of these valuable subjects. To ensure appropriate care   and use, detailed programs of excellent veterinary and husbandry care, and   programs for the peer-reviewed evaluation of all activities prior to the use of   any animal in research, testing or teaching activity are in place.

These programs are designed in accordance with Federal law, Public Health   Service Guidelines, and institutional policies in Animal Welfare Act (PL 89-544 and amendments); the Public Health Service Policy; the U.S. Government Principles   Regarding the Care and Use of Animals.

The University of Tennessee is committed to the highest standards of research and recognizes that   laboratory animals must receive the best possible care, not only to obtain valid   research data, but to ensure the health and safety of animals, researchers, and   animal caretakers.