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Biological Sciences Curriculum

Biological Sciences Major (effective Fall 2014)

The Biological Sciences major consists of a set of core courses paired with one of three possible concentration Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (BCMB), Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB), and Microbiology. In addition, students must complete the general education and college requirements to earn a Bachelor of Science degree.

University and College of Arts & Sciences requirements are explained in the UT Undergraduate catalog. College requirements are further detailed in the Curriculum Guide & Handbook. An interactive version of the current Curriculum Guide & Handbook can be found here. 

Each Biological Sciences major must earn a minimum grade of C in each of the following core courses:

BIOL 150 – Organismal and Ecological Biology

BIOL 160 – Cellular and Molecular Biology

BIOL 159 – Skills of Biological Investigation

CHEM 120 & 130 – General Chemistry I & II

PHYS 221 – Elements of Physics

One of the following sequences:

  • MATH 141 & 142 – Calculus I & II
  • MATH 151 & 152 – Mathematics for the Life Sciences I & II

Additionally, majors need to complete two 200-level biology courses depending on your concentration.

For BCMB: BIOL 240 – General Genetics
Select one: BIOL 220 (General Microbiology), BIOL 260 (Ecology), or BIOL 280 (Evolution)
For EEB: BIOL 260 and 269 – Ecology and Ecology Field-based Laboratory
BIOL 280 and 281 – Evolution and Evolution Discussion
For Microbiology: BIOL 220 and 229 – General Microbiology and Microbiology Laboratory
Select one: BIOL 240 (General Genetics), BIOL 260 (Ecology), or BIOL 280 (Evolution)

Specific requirements for each concentration can be found in the undergraduate catalog.